Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thomas Nash: Portrait artist

I first heard of this artist while reading the blog  Underpaintings which I follow. This post is really interesting and talks about a conference the artist recently held on how he creates his portraits. I looked up his website too and picked out my favourite paintings to share.

I love how he has painted the background in this painting and the next.

   Though I admire his work they do have a rather stilted feel as many portrait artists work seem to have. I guess in trying to satisfy the customer and make an accurate painting of the sitter some of the artists own originality gets lost and the end result may look more like a photograph that art. This problem also comes from
making paintings using only photos as reference as I have found in my own work. I need to find someone to sit for me, and long enough for more than just a sketch.

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  1. Beautiful artwork! The first and third pictures are my favorites. Thanks for sharing! :)