Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sketches of Kittens

I have a little notepad with pictures of cats and a different cat quote on all three-hundred and sixty-five pages, I sketched some of them the other day. On a piece of A3 drawing paper, using B3 and 6 pencils (I need darker ones) and a black ink pen.

 This is my favorite kitty!

 I have five cats so I should do sketches of them from life

 One of them is going to have kittens soon, Pansy.

This horse is the beginnings of a drawing I never finished, I used the first photo in my last post as reference, Tigger.


  1. Cats are my favorite animals second only to horses :)

  2. They're great pictures! :D I espeically like the second picture the best. ;)

  3. Thank you both. Cats are among my favorite animals too. That's my fav one too, Nela :D