Monday, February 7, 2011

Riding Tigger

 Yesterday my brother Pete took me up to ride the horses,  They are now about 10mins away,

 but there is a beautiful arena with jumps to ride in! :)

 We love jumping

My lil quarter horsie

Pete said he wasn't going to touch a horse that day, he rides horse all week at work
But he couldn't help teaching Calypso and me a thing or two!

Until next time


  1. Those are great pictures! The 2nd & 3rd pictures are my favorites! :D

  2. Love the scenery! You have a beautiful horse!
    (Just got your letter today and thanks for the key chain and pictures)

  3. Yes Pete's a great photographer!

    Yes we live in a beautiful world, I want to get some photos of the amazing sunsets there!
    Looking forward to hearing form you in the post, Faith, :-D