Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sir Thomas Lawrence Paintings

The new exhibition opening of the works of Sir Thomas Lawrence and the subsequent blog reviews have introduced me to his paintings. I had heard of him before but never really investigated who he was. When I first looked at some of his paintings especially this detail of his portrait of Queen Charlotte I was captivated at once.
Just look at the hand, and I love the misty clouds of see through material of her dress!
I have recently become more interested in portrait painting and it is inspiring to see these paintings of one of the greatest portrait painters of the UK and certainly the greatest of his time.
Elisabeth Farren, Later Countess of Derby
From what I have just read of Sir Thomas Lawrence he was a child prodigy and his father exploited his talent and his family even lived off the profits of the 11 year old boy for a time. This child hood experience my be one of the reasons, indirectly, why the painter courted the patronage of the rich and wealthy and painted rich shows of power and money, even being called the chocolate box painter.
Lady Constance Carruthers
Thomas Lawrence was a self taught artist and used pastel allot and was an excellent draughtsman.
One of my favourite of his paintings is this one of the two young children, he has captured the perfect spirit of them. If the painting was any less well done and were the children's faces so expressive I would have disliked it for being overly dramatic, but as it is it's beautiful!
The Calmady Children 1824

Duke of Wellington

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  1. Honestly, I never heard of Sir Thomas before in my life but his paintings are really magnificient! The two little kids and the portrait of the hand are my favorites :)