Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today I feel so encouraged by peoples comments on my art and poetry! I haven't been blogging much so here's an update with my latest paintings and a poem or two I wrote recently:

I have begun to draw more people, I did a whole series of this girl, and this last one was the best, not being deformed in the face so much!

And these two are from two photos and my imagination, The graphite drawing is A2 size and the watercolour is A3:

I wrote this poem today because you can always be happy always. :D

I Saw Myself Smile
I saw myself smile
To the bumble bee,
I saw a world perfect
As a tranquil sea.

I saw the dawn breaking
In the silent east,
I saw a miracle--
A new day released.

I saw in a dewdrop
The hope and the joy
Of nations abounding
In happy employ.

I saw myself smile
Again and again,
I saw the world answer
My smiling refrain.

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